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The Run DTrace script in Terminal command works now

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  1. +14 −2 DTrace.tmbundle/Commands/Run Script in Terminal.tmCommand
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@@ -7,18 +7,30 @@
+esc () {
+STR="$1" ruby &lt;&lt;"RUBY"
+ str = ENV['STR']
+ str = str.gsub(/'/, "'\\\\''")
+ str = str.gsub(/[\\"]/, '\\\\\\0')
+ print "'#{str}'"
osascript &lt;&lt;- APPLESCRIPT
tell app "Terminal"
do script "clear; sudo dtrace -s $(esc "${TM_FILEPATH}")"
set position of first window to { 100, 100 }
end tell
+ <key>keyEquivalent</key>
+ <string>@d</string>
- <string>Run Script in Terminal</string>
+ <string>Run DTrace Script in Terminal</string>
@@ -65,6 +65,8 @@
+ <string>6A5498A0-2DC4-4FA7-85C8-512F7FF9555A</string>
+ <string>F677DA97-FEA5-4AFA-9189-EC66935FE1B3</string>
@@ -1,16 +1,22 @@
This is a bundle for TextMate that adds the D Scripting language for DTrace and several useful DTrace scripts to TextMate. See the "Wiki" section at the top of the page for a more detailed explanation as to what works and what doesn't work right now.
-What's Changed since 1.0 Beta 2?
+What's Changed in 1.0 Beta 3?
+[NEW] Run Script in terminal works! This is very preliminary and works for scripts that don't have "$target" (ones where you would invoke the script with -p) eventually a mechanism will be added so you can specify a pid or select an App to trace before running
+[NEW] Entry & Return DTrace keywords and Tab Triggers
[FIX] Removed Redundant ustack() calls inside the Core Data Snippets
[FIX] One of the recently added DTrace providers still had boiler text there for some reason, changed this to the provider name
[FIX] Added the scope ( source.d ) to the newly added DTrace providers that were lacking any scope
[CHANGED] Changed "D Script" to just "D", screw the other D :P
-What's changed since 1.0 Beta 1?
+What's changed in 1.0 Beta 2?
[ADDED] List of DTrace Providers
[FIX] Target's Trigger (keyboard shortcut "\") has been removed
[FIX] "$target" instead of just "target" is recognized as a DTrace keyword
[FIX] Many snippets had "source.d," as the scope instead of just "source.d" which meant that the tab triggers extended into any TextMate Document
[FIX] Many DTrace keywords in the "More DTrace Keywords" had no scope, this has been changed to "source.d"
[CHANGED] D Script Language Keyboard Shortcut to avoid conflict with "Diff"
+Beta 1
+Initial release

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