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A Bundle that adds DTrace language, commands and scripts to TextMate
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This is a bundle for TextMate that adds the D Scripting language for DTrace and several useful DTrace scripts to TextMate. See the "Wiki" section at the top of the page for a more detailed explanation as to what works and what doesn't work right now.

What's changed since 1.0 Beta 1?
[FIX] Target's Trigger (keyboard shortcut "\") has been removed
[FIX] "$target" instead of just "target" is recognized as a DTrace keyword
[FIX] Many snippets had "source.d," as the scope instead of just "source.d" which meant that the tab triggers extended into any TextMate Document
[FIX] Many DTrace keywords in the "More DTrace Keywords" had no scope, this has been changed to "source.d"
[CHANGED] D Script Language Keyboard Shortcut
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