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Add Predicate.tmSnippet
All file open calls (shows execname and file descriptor).tmSnippet
BEGIN Block.tmSnippet
Carbon Events.tmSnippet
Cocoa Autorelease Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
Cocoa Events.tmSnippet
Core Data Cache Misses.tmSnippet
Core Data Faults.tmSnippet
Core Data Fetches.tmSnippet
Core Data Provider.tmSnippet
Core Data Saves.tmSnippet
Core Image Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
Create Probe.tmSnippet
Create USDT Provider File.tmSnippet
Current Process Info.tmSnippet
Current Thread.tmSnippet
Current Working Directory.tmSnippet
DSLockstat Provider.tmSnippet
DTrace Provider.tmSnippet
END Block.tmSnippet
Empty Block.tmSnippet
Enabled Probe ID.tmSnippet
Entry Name.tmSnippet
Error value.tmSnippet
Executable Name.tmSnippet
Flowindent Option.tmSnippet
Garbage Collection (10_6).tmSnippet
Garbage Collection Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
Garbage Collection Scavenge Data.tmSnippet
Garbage Collection Total.tmSnippet
IO Provider.tmSnippet
JavaScript Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
Kernel Function Boundary Tracing Provider.tmSnippet
Kernel Stack Trace.tmSnippet
Lockstat Provider.tmSnippet
Mach Trap Provider.tmSnippet
Objective-C Provider.tmSnippet
Objective-C Runtime Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
Objective-C Target Block.tmSnippet
OpenCL Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
PID Target Block.tmSnippet
Parent Process ID.tmSnippet
Plockstat Provider.tmSnippet
Probe Function.tmSnippet
Probe Module.tmSnippet
Probe Name.tmSnippet
Probe Provider.tmSnippet
Proc Provider.tmSnippet
Process ID.tmSnippet
Process Provider.tmSnippet
Process Root Directory.tmSnippet
Profile Provider.tmSnippet
QLThumbnail Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
QuickLook Daemon Provider (10_6).tmSnippet
Quiet Option.tmSnippet
Real Group ID.tmSnippet
RegexKit Provider.tmSnippet
Return Name.tmSnippet
Script Initialization.tmSnippet
Script Local Variable.tmSnippet
Spotlight Provider (mds).tmSnippet
Stack Depth.tmSnippet
System Call Provider.tmSnippet
Thread ID.tmSnippet
Thread Local Variable.tmSnippet
Timestamp (Minus DTrace Overhead).tmSnippet
Timestamp (Nanoseconds since Jan 1 1970).tmSnippet
Userland Stack Trace.tmSnippet
VMInfo Provider.tmSnippet