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This is a project to create a TextMate bundle that adds the D Scripting Language for DTrace and adds loads of useful keywords, snippets and scripts to make creating DTrace scripts easy.
What works

  • Syntax Highlighting (mostly)
  • Code Folding
  • All Tab Triggers
  • All Included Scripts (Core Data, Garbage Collection, Cocoa Events, etc.)

Bugs/What Doesn’t work

  • After you do a tab trigger if you immediately try to do another tab trigger TextMate won’t let you (don’t know if this is my bug or a TextMate bug)
  • Syntax Highlighting only highlights with one color (this will be corrected in the future)
  • Run in Terminal Command runs scripts, but won’t run scripts that involve $target as the pid

If you discover any bugs not listed here email me and let me know and I will update this page with the issue and fix it if possible