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Backend application tested with Jest using Mongoose.js, mongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js that supplies an evening's 'night out' for you. Integrates Google's Geocode and Places APIs to allow users to supply their current location and receive a curated evening for them to enjoy!
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The Night Out App - Express - Mongo DB - - Inquire

An App that will take the effort out of a Night Out.

Created By:

Ryan Luras,, @RyLuras

Alex Rankin,, @acrankin

Mack Berliner,, @MackenzieBerliner-Glasser

Sophie Graham,, @sophiegraham


This app is intended to take a zipcode from a user and sugget to them an itenerary for an enjoyable night out; including a place to eat, an event to attend and a place to go for a nightcap or desert. Users rate how they enjoyed an event or evening and those results can be used to create better experiences for the users over time. Requests can be modified with specific keywords, and users can also recieve popular past evening plans from their own history or evenings aggrigated from all users.

Setup/Installation Requirements

  • install dependencies with: npm i
  • make sure to set a proper MongoDB path in your own .env file
  • Start up your Mongo DB server
  • start up the server with 'npm start' and have fun!
  • start the jest testing with: 'npm run test:watch'

Technologies Used

  • Mongoose
  • Node
  • Jest
  • Supertest
  • Express
  • Nodemon
  • MongoDB
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