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Library for loading and manipulating BIDS compatible MEG data
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A simple way to manage and manipulate BIDS compatible data.


BIDSHandler requires only one dependency which can be easily installed using pip:

pip install pandas

To install BIDSHandler you can then enter in a terminal:

pip install BIDSHandler

Entering import bidshandler in a python console should not raise an error which indicates that BIDSHandler has been installed correctly.

Basic Usage

BIDSHandler has 5 primary objects; BIDSTree, Project, Subject, Session and Scan, corresponding to different levels within a BIDS archive folder structure. Generally data will be loaded into a BIDSTree object and the child objects are automatically generated. From there it is easy to query and manipulate the BIDS data.

import bidshandler as bh
tree = bh.BIDSTree('folder')
# etc.


BIDSHandler is still in very early stages, but contributions are more than welcome in the form of PR's and by raising issues to discussion potential features. Ideally BIDSHandler would be able to handle any BIDS data from any modality such as MRI and EEG, but the current focus is on MEG data.

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