C++11 real-time rendering engine for learning purposes.
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This project exists as a learning experience about the implementation and design decisions of a 3D rendering engine. It’s also a project to keep my C++ skills on check.

While it tries to expose a friendly programming interface it is not meant to have a GUI or an editor (at least for now).

It includes a demo where an AI plays a version of Pong on a stylized scene.

Current features:

  • Forward rendering based on simple per-pixel lighting, supporting directional and point lights.
  • Supports meshes (loaded with Assimp library), XML material definition defining textures and shaders.
  • Support render targets and various render passes. (WIP)
  • Interface-based renderer to allow multiple Graphics API to be implemented. Currently has a OpenGL 4.5 implementation.
  • Renderer based on a render-queue approach, iterating through all RenderTargets and through each of their Viewports to gather the Renderables. (Culling and queue sorting to be implemented)
  • SceneManager containing the various scene representations, each with its own purpose (object hierarchy, culling, fast iteration).
  • SceneGraph based on a hierarchy of SceneNodes. SceneNodes have a 3D space transformation relative to their parent.
  • SceneObjects can be attached to SceneNodes and are inherit their properties. (Example SceneObjects: Lights, MeshEntities, Cameras)
  • XML based ResourceManager for assets like meshes, image textures, shader code.
  • Hot reloading of file Resources (images, shaders, materials).


Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.