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#pragma once
#include "Types.h"
#include "IRenderTargetListener.h"
#include "glm/glm.hpp"
#include <string>
namespace Lag {
class Camera;
class RenderTarget;
class RenderQueue;
class SceneManager;
* Associates a Camera to a section of a RenderTarget.
* Forces the camera to have a similar aspect ratio to that section of the RenderTarget.
class Viewport : public IRenderTargetListener {
//left, bottom, width and height are relative (0.0 to 1.0)
Viewport(uint16 name, Camera &camera, RenderTarget &renderTarget,
float left = 0.0f, float bottom = 0.0f, float width = 1.0f, float height = 1.0f);
~Viewport() override;
void addRenderablesToQueue(RenderQueue &renderQueue, SceneManager &sceneManager, RenderTarget &renderTarget);
inline const Camera &getCamera() const { return camera; }
inline const uint16 getName() const { return name; }
uint32 getRealLeft() const;
uint32 getRealBottom() const;
uint32 getRealWidth() const;
uint32 getRealHeight() const;
//Width, Height
glm::u32vec2 getSize() const;
uint16 name;
float left, bottom, width, height;
Camera &camera;
RenderTarget &renderTarget;
void computeCameraAspectRatio() const;
void onPreRender(RenderTarget &notifier) override;
void onPostRender(RenderTarget &notifier) override;
void onResize(RenderTarget &notifier, uint32 width, uint32 height) override;
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