Multi-threaded Path-Tracer in C++
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Multi-threaded Path-Tracer in C++.

Current Features

  • Objects: spheres, planes and boxes.
  • Materials: Lambertians, Dielectrics and Metals.
  • Matrix transforms can be applied to any object.
  • Area lights. Every object can be a light by having an emissive material.
  • Camera positioning and aperture/focal distance (depth of field) simulation.
  • Image and procedural textures.
  • Normal mapping.
  • Bounding volume hierarchy (AABB) for optimized scene traversal.
  • Randomized super-sampling antialiasing.
  • Image based-lighting through HDR light probes.
  • Bloom post-processing effect to emphasize HDR rendering.
  • Tone Mapping and sRGB/Gamma correction when outputing to a non-HDR format.
  • Multi-threaded rendering.
  • Detailed render statistics feedback.

Example Renders


Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.