A simple to use VHDL module to display text on VGA display.
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A simple to use VHDL module to display text on VGA display.

VGA Text Demo

VGA Simulator

Go simulate your own VHDL projects or even the ones you build with this text library. A faster better way to debug projects with VGA.

Go straight to the tool. Or read a bit about it and how to set it up.

Supported Characters

  • VHDL'93 supports the full table of ISO-8859-1 characters (0x00 through 0xFF(255))
  • The font included includes 0x00 through 0x7F(127)
  • Non printing characters are supported using concatenation. ex.
  • constant heart_msg : string := "I" & ETX & "You";

Supported Boards

The constraints (.ucf) is configured for the Basys 2 but any FPGA with VGA should be able to run this code (make sure to update contraints)


  • Expand included font to support the full 0x00 through 0xFF (255) character range



  • Bug fix! Fixed a problem where text does not appear if you only use 1 text_line module.


  • Added a font rom arbiter: This gets rid of the unnecessary font map for every text_line module and frees up board space.
  • Moved to block ram for the personal storage of each text_line module. This saves a lot of board space. We used to use an array of long std_logic_vectors


  • Working text modules but took up a lot of board real estate.