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Complete Unity Reference Project - Multiplayer, UI
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A Complete Unity Reference Project

This project is meant to be functionally impressive example of a complete game. It is not made to be fun or interesting for a non-developer.


  • Full complete game
  • Multiplayer (Online(MasterServer) and LAN): Semi-Authoratitive
  • Full Menu UI and HUD: Utilizing the awesome power of Coherent UI; HTML, CSS, JS web stack
    • Server Browser
    • Match Lobby
    • Player Customization
    • Options menu
    • In-game HUD
  • Procedurally generated objects
  • Multiple Levels
  • Sound Effects and Music + Volume

Other Projects using Radius:

  • Super Bounce: A super bouncing sandbox. Inspired by the super bouncing physics bug from Halo 2.
  • Dishes, Please: "A dish washing simulator."


Getting Started (Setup)

Radius: Getting Started Guide

Other features:

  • Character Controller/Driver: CharacterDriver.cs
  • Camera Controller (Conic): ConicCameraController.cs
  • Master Volume for Music and Soundeffects: AudioManager.cs, AudioBase.cs
  • Many more commented but undocumented here...



  • Cleaned up some more event code
  • Fixed spawning bug


  • Added Time Limit option
  • Updated spawn code to actually spawn correctly after the initial game
  • Cleaned up the event code


  • Updated Conic Camera Controller to stay conic always.
  • Updated character driver gravity logic.



  • Updated NetworkManager disconnect logic
  • Removed Radius/Library/ because it can be regenerated when opening project.


  • Cleaned up Assets/Scripts/ProceduralMeshes/ scripts
  • Added procedural tiling ground/floor TextureTilingController.cs
  • Profile box color initial color now is the color of that player
  • Added UtilityMethods.cs


  • Initial code commited
  • Gameplay, UI, sound, networking
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