Straightforward Pong Game written in VHDL. Scoring and Multiplayer
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Pong2 Update Jan 14, 2014


Straightforward Pong Game written in VHDL.

Runs on the Basys 2 board from Digilent

Read more about it in this blog post.

Watch a video of this project in action on youtube.

As seen on

Pong game screenshot


  • Multiplayer: Battle against your friend
  • Play against the AI. Or AI vs AI battles
  • Score Keeping
  • Hidden Mode / Easter Egg


Action Control
Player Left/1 Paddle movement btn2 and btn3
Player Right/2 Paddle movement btn0 and btn1
Reset switch0
Player Left/1 AI Enable switch7
Player Right/2 AI Enable switch6


Here just a list of things implemented in this design

  • Collision Detection and Resolution
  • VGA Output, game video
  • Text display on VGA which includes a ram arbiter (uses my other project FP-V-GA Text)
  • Basic AI for the paddles
  • Button and Switch Input
  • Seven Segment driver (BCD converter)