Create airflow heat or fluid animation/diagram by painting a vector-field
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Airflow fluid simulator

Quick and dirty project to create an airflow heat or fluid animation/diagram by painting/combing/dragging/raking a vector-field.

Based off of Dean Alex's JavaScript 2D Fluid / Turbulence Sim,

Good for:

  • Airflow, wind (temperature/heat)
  • Water, fluid

If you want to use this, probably best to clone this locally and start adjusting the image and configuration there instead of using the live version.

Live demo

See the live demo,



How do I adjust the background image/picture?

Search for image.src in fluid.js

How do I adjust the vector field resolution?

Search for new vectorField in fluid.js

How can I get a gif animation?

For a gif-animation, there are ways to save frames of a HTML <canvas> but it is easiest to use a desktop gif creator like ShareX.

You can turn off the red vector-field with the checkbox in the controls section.