jQuery Carousel plugin for HTML content/images. Listens to CSS transitions/animations when switching frames. CSS class-based states.
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CarouselSS, pronounced "carousel s-s", is jQuery Carousel plugin for HTML content/images. It listens to CSS transition/animation events when switching frames and uses CSS class-based states.


The only dependency is jQuery.

<script src="jquery-1.11.1.js"></script>
<script src="jquery-carouselss-standalone.js"></script>

	$(document).ready(function() {

jquery-carouselss-standalone.js is a standalone build for browser use.

jquery-carouselss.js is a un-bundled UMD module.


Title Preview
Barebones demo
Custom Thumbnail demo
Overlay demo
Next/Prev Controls demo
Frame switch fade transition demo

Explanation & CSS States

The content for each frame lives inside the thumbnail. If you dont't want that content showing up just add display: none;.

.carousel-thumbnail .my-special-content
	display: none;

Every frame move(whether it be auto-advance, next, manual move), the old frame gets a .is-deprecated class and is removed/deleted after any transition/animation is completed. If no transition/animation is present, then the frame is deleted immediately.

Since the contents are copied inside a .carousel-frame container, the .carousel-thumbnail rules, where you might of hid content, no longer apply and the frame is displayed.

Typical HTML Markup

<div class="carousel">
	<div class="carousel-stage"></div>

	<ul class="carousel-thumbnail-holder">
		<li role="button" tabindex="0" class="carousel-thumbnail">
			<img src="../_base/images/mountains.png" alt="Mountains">
		<li role="button" tabindex="0" class="carousel-thumbnail">
			<img src="../_base/images/lorem.png" alt="Lorem">
		<li role="button" tabindex="0" class="carousel-thumbnail">
			<img src="../_base/images/creek.png" alt="Creek">


$('.carousel').carouselss({ /* options */ });
  • options: object - hash of options
    • interval: number - Time between the auto-advance goes to the next frame (in ms, 3000 = 3 seconds)
      • Default: 3000
      • A negative value disables the auto-advance
    • startIndex: number - Which frame (zero-indexed) of the thumbnail list we should start at.
      • Default: 0
      • This will be clamped to the available thumbnail indexes
    • thumbnail: string - Selector used to find the thumbnails within the root carousel element
      • Default: '.carousel-thumbnail'
    • stage: string - Selector used to find the stage to put each frame as they cycle
      • Default: '.carousel-stage'
    • stageFrameClass: The class added to the wrapper "frame" element that contains the frame contents
    • move: event function callback - Gets executed every time the carousel moves to another frame
      • Default: null
      • The move event can also be bound after plugin intialization using $('.carousel').bind('carouselssmove', function() { });


You can access CarouselSS's methods by passing a callback into a carouselssinstance trigger. The callback will be passed the instance of the CarouselSS plugin.

$('.carousel').trigger('carouselssinstance', function(carousel) {
	// See method list available, below
	carousel.next(); // etc...
  • next(): Moves to the next frame in the list (by index)
  • prev(): Moves to the previous frame in the list (by index)
  • move(index): Moves to the given frame (by index)
  • startInterval(): Start the auto-advance interval frame cycling
  • stopInterval(): Stop the auto-advance interval frame cycling