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This is mainly the framework which powers - My long suffering URL Shortener - I have already been able to use it for other sites though, but some functionality has been unfortunately hard coded with URI's which I'm working on fixing.

About started back in 2010, and if you were to take a stroll down memory lane, you'd see a site which, on the surface, is essentially the same to what you see today. Why change a winning formula?

While may look very familiar to those old days on the surface, structurally we have undergone multiple monkey patches to version 1.0, and once the service was suspended for spam and we lost everything, we took the opportunity to build 2.0 from scratch. A whole new framework. is fondly referred to by us as 'know me'. It seemed to fit. As for who 'us' is.. 1.0 started out with just three guys fooling around on an IRC channel. Bored, with too much time to kill, a spare domain name and a little bit of programming knowledge. Those three guys were myself (Mikey), Floris, and Christopher. 1.0 was a great success amongst our friends and Twitter followers. In the first year we had racked up over 2.5 million links followed, ~50,000 shortened links, and ~4000 custom slugs. Unfortunately we all got busy, so the site went neglected. A URL shortener is a haven for spammers at the best of times, and in our naivitae we had not thought to implement much anti-spam into the service.

Mid 2014, 3 years of very little moderation, was shut down for spam. I noticed maybe 3 months after the domain was suspended, and got in touch with the registry and began what felt like the mammoth task of rebuilding almost 5 year old code. In the end I decided to scrap the procedural mish-mash of monkey patches and 'duct tape fixes' and start from scratch. Brand new framework. Open source and free for all.

So here we are now, at the time of writing in January 2015, is still very much under new development, and at the moment it's a one man operation, but it already has so many more features under the hood which make rolling new features out to the public insanely easy.

See you in the future!

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