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Colorifier is a code highlighting tool for Lovely.IO

By default it doesn't require any configuration, just include the script on your page, or hook it up with Lovely. Once the document body is loaded it will automatically search for things like that

<pre data-lang="language">
  // some code in here


There are a bunch of options you might change if you like

Lovely(['colorifier'], function(Colorifier) {
  Colorifier.Options.tag    = 'pre';       // the tag name of the target elements
  Colorifier.Options.attr   = 'data-lang'; // the attribute with language
  Colorifier.Options.theme  = 'light';     // the color theme to use ('light' or 'dark')
  Colorifier.Options.gutter = true;        // show/hide the gutter
  Colorifier.Options.trim   = false;       // trim trailing spaces or not

  Colorifier.initialize();                 // reinitializing with new settings

You also can use per unit configuration via the data-colorifier attributes

<pre data-lang="ruby" data-colorifier='{"gutter": false}'>
  # some code in here

NOTE the value of the attribute should be a properly formatted JSON data

Copyright And License

This project is released under the terms of the MIT license

Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Nikolay Nemshilov