Nanny is a little UI walkthrough package for Lovely.IO
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Nanny is a little package that will help you to create UI walkthroughs

Usage Basics

Firstly you'll need to add data-nanny-html attributes to the blocks where you want the helper texts to appear

<div data-nanny-html="This block does some useful thing">
  Very useful block of stuff
<div data-nanny-html="This block does something else">
  Some other block

You also can specify at which side of your block the popup should appear

<div data-nanny-html="..." data-nanny-position="left">....</div>
<div data-nanny-html="..." data-nanny-position="bottom">....</div>

Once you're done with that, just initialize the Nanny object through the Lovely interface and call the Nanny#start() method

Lovely(['nanny-1.0.0'], function(Nanny) {
  // when you're ready
  var nanny = new Nanny({options: 'here'});

This will start showing the helper texts over the marked blocks

Specifying The Order

If you need the popups to appear in a specific order, add the data-nanny-order attribute with some numbers

<div data-nanny-html="..." data-nanny-order="1"></div>
<div data-nanny-html="..." data-nanny-order="2"></div>

NOTE all items that don't have the order attribute will be pushed to the end of the list giving the priority to the items with numbers.


  • scope (document.body) - working scope element
  • timeout (4000) - how long each piece should hang. set to false if you want to disable auto-switching
  • position ('top') - default message position
  • loop (true) - whether to loop or not through the helpers
  • html ('') - default html content
  • fxName ('fade') - name of the visual effect to use
  • fxDuration ('normal') - visual effect duration
  • showNext (true) - show the 'next' link or not

API Reference

The Nanny class is inherited from the standard dom.Element class and has all the same API. Plus it has two additional methods for starting and stopping the popups show

  • #start() - to start the show
  • #stop() - is for stopping the show


Nanny objects fire the following list of events

  • show - when it appears at a marked block
  • hide - when it gets hidden
  • start - when the show starts
  • stop - when the show get stopped

Copyright And License

This project is released under the terms of the MIT license

Copyright (C) 2012 Nikolay Nemshilov