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Welcome To RightRails

RightRails is a RubyOnRails plugin for RightJS javascript framework.

It works as a drop in replacement for all the Prototype/Scriptaculous methods, plus it brings some more sweets and routine ajax operation helpers.


  • Lightning fast RightJS library

  • Transparent Prototype/Scriptaculous helpers replacement

  • More powerful and flexible new JavaScript generator for RJS

  • Conventional JavaScript interface for the most common AJAX operations

  • Better controller level access to the rjs generator

  • New ajax-friendly scaffold generator

  • Remote files uploading organization

  • Automatic RightJS modules inclusion handling (including i18n modules)

  • Additional FormBuilder methods for various fields

  • Underscored and ruby-like aliases for RightJS core methods


Just add the following into your Gemfile

gem 'right-rails'

If you're on Rails < 3.1 then run the right_rails generator

rails g right_rails

If you're using Rails 3.1 with the pipeline assets handler, then you can require things in your application.js file

//= require right
//= require right/rails

Or, you can use right-rails automatic scripts handling by specifying

= javascript_include_tag :defaults

In your layout file. It will hook all the scripts on its own.


See the wiki-pages for the documentation

See also the demo application for examples


Copyright © 2009-2011 Nikolay Nemshilov, released under the MIT license

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