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Earl Grey language support in Atom
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Earl Grey language support in Atom

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Adds syntax highlighting, snippets, autocomplete and folding support to Earl Grey files in Atom.


Already a strong set of highlighting rules. Only some of the more advanced functionality has not been implemented. Many of these features would require using deeply nested patterns that someday I hope to implement. For a list of things that I'd like to add, see below. If you're interested in implementing one of these, let me know in gitter or through an issue/PR and I'd love to help. Also, do give the current package a try and don't forget to let me know what needs fixing!


  • Syntax Highlighting
    • Function Declarations
    • Pattern matching
    • Regular expressions
    • Document building syntax
    • Async*
    • Classes*
    • macros*
  • Snippets
  • Autocomplete hooks
  • Folding hooks

*: not sure if these will need any adjustments

How can I help?

Get in touch on gitter, submit bugs/ideas, submit pull requests, and use Earl Grey!


MIT © Jake Russo et al

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