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Android Material Shadow Generator

Android icons with that loooong material shadow for everyone!

Android icon example Bug icon example Heart icon example Idea icon example



Invalid custom SVG file

Here are some common causes which cause problems.

Paths are not closed

Make sure that your SVG file contains closed paths instead of open ones. For example

Open vs close paths example

The icon on the left contains a single path (made up of two sub paths) that is open at the ends (first node does not connect to the last node). The icon on the right has closed paths, where the shape of the paths are that of the stroke width of the original icon.

For Inkscape users there is a nice tool that does the above conversion: "Path" -> "Stroke to Path".

Paths do not have a fill color

Only paths which have a fill color are imported. Any other paths are considered "invisble".


First, download / setup the dependencies:

npm install

Next get a hold of brunch, the build tool used for this project. To install globally:

npm install -g brunch

Then to start compiling + watching files run

npm start

which will start a local server at http://localhost:3333.

Updating the Google Material Icons

To update the local Google Material Icons collection run ./bin/ which will place all icons under app/assets/img/material-icons and create a file with all icon names under app/templates/input-material-icons-data.static.jade.


Tests require PhantomJS (v2.1.1), CasperJS (v1.1.0-beta5) and the site running at http://localhost:3333 (e.g. npm start). Run tests via npm test.

Travis Status

Nice to know

To directly open an specific icon in the editor, pass the url to the icon as a icon query parameter to the website, for example



Please see LICENSE for licensing details.

Support or contact

For commercial use, please submit a request or send us an email to