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SilverStripe Module. Replaces SilverStripe's inbuilt asset management with Cloudinary.
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Silverstripe Cloudinary Module

This module provides fields & DataObjects for managing files, audio & images that are stored in Cloudinary.


composer require mademedia/silverstripe-cloudinary




putenv('CLOUDINARY_URL=cloudinary://<API Key>:<API Secret>@<Cloud name>');

Add DataObjects


use MadeHQ\Cloudinary\Model\FileLink;
use MadeHQ\Cloudinary\Model\ImageLink;

private static $has_one = [
    '<FileVariableName>' => FileLink::class,
    '<ImageVariableName>' => ImageLink::class,

Add CMSFields


use MadeHQ\Cloudinary\Forms\UploadImageField;
use MadeHQ\Cloudinary\Forms\UploadFileField;

public function getCMSFields()
    $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
    return $fields;

Output in template


Adding files to SilverStripe templates

<%-- File URL --%>

<%-- File Title --%>


Adding images to SilverStripe templates

<%-- Original Image URL --%>

<%-- Original Image Credit --%>

<%-- Original Image Caption --%>

<%-- Original Image Gravity --%>

<%-- Original Image at a specific size fill will default to "fill" --%>
$ImageVariableName.URL(100, 200)

<%-- Original Image at a specific size with a specific format --%>
$ImageVariableName.URL(100, 200, 'fill', 'png')


JS Amends are done in client\src\js and client\src\styles

After changes you can run yarn build or during development use yarn watch

Also required for development is yarn

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