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Source for Made In A2, a directory of startup companies in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Company requirements

We've added a few restrictions to keep this a high-quality list:

  • Technology: A company's primary product or service must be an information technology product or service.
  • Traction: A company must either be publicly launched w/ 1k+ users, be the subject of an article in a national publication, or have raised a round of venture capital.
  • Location: A company must have the majority of employees working in Ann Arbor or have a branch with a founder and another full time employee here.

If your company meets the above requirements and you'd like to be added to the list, fork the repo, add your html/css (with your brand colors) and submit a pull request.


Getting started:

  • Download and install Node.js if you haven't already
  • Clone this repo with git clone and cd madeina2
  • Run npm install. Note: if npm install fails, try sudo npm install or do this.

Run npm start to build the site and start a webserver at localhost:8000. Install LiveReload to automatically refresh the page when you've made changes.

To deploy, first ensure that you're a collaborator on the github repo, then run npm run deploy.

Slack team invitations

To grab an invitation to the Slack team, go to This is managed via our rauchg/slackin instance, hosted on Heroku. To deploy the app, simply run script/deploy-slackin (you'll need to be a registered collaborator on the Heroku app).


Background image thanks to dgermony