Barebones HTML boilerplate running Sass and Gulp.
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Html-Sass-Gulp Starter

An ES6-ready barebones HTML boilerplate running Sass and Gulp.

Getting Started

1. Install gulp globally:

$ npm install --global gulp

2. Install project dependencies:

$ npm install

3. Run gulp

Start a local dev environment:

$ gulp

Generate a production build:

$ gulp production

4. Deployment

Download [settings.json](link to settings.json file goes here) and place in root directory.

The following command will deploy to AWS S3:

$ gulp deploy --[env]

This boilerplate assumes you've created a settings.json file in the project root. This file should be (git)ignored as it contains sensitive information, i.e. AWS keys, etc. When deployment is finished, a Slack hook will be triggered in a channel of your choice. If you haven't heard of Slack, close Skype immediately and read about it.

Environment options
  • --dev or --development
  • --qa
  • --stage or --staging
  • --prod or --production

One of these arguments is required to successfully deploy files to S3, i.e gulp deploy --staging.

Sample settings.json:
    "default": {
        "aws": {
            "accessKeyId": "xxx",
            "secretAccessKey": "xxx",
            "basePath": "xxx",
            "bucket": "madeinhaus"
        "slack": {
            "hook_url": "",
            "username": "Arnold Scavonegger",
            "message": "New build up on: "

Individual envs can have their own settings by adding a corresponding 'env': {...} to the settings file, only those settings which are different from default need to be set.