Client, server, and support files for building a video wall with iPads.
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The code found here was used to power an iPad Video Wall for the Madefire booth
at Comic-Con San Diego. More information can be found in the following blog

The code is provided as-is. It's not pretty, what would you expect form a day
and a half of hacking around to get it to work, but it got the job done.
Patches/improvements welcomed. 

This code is licensed under the BSD license, see LICENSE in the same directory
as this README


avconv is required to cut up videos and ImageMagick's convert is required to
cut up images.


Cutting up Videos:

Cut up your videos using

    ./ --rows=3 --cols=7 \
        vid-wall/vidwall/videos.bundle/out will be cut up in to 3 rows of 7 cols and the resulting videos
will be in the directory vid-wall/vidwall/videos.bundle with the prefix out,
numbered through out


To run the manager server you must first edit and provide it with
the names and durations of your videos. In the case of the above example the
name would be 'out'.


To run the iOS app you must first provide it with videos. They should be cut up
and named according to the pattern in the section. They should be
played in to a bundle in the vid-wall/vidwall direction named vidoes.bundle.

Once the app is running on a device or simulator you must enter the ip address
of the server and then select the position of the device in the grid provided.
It will then attempt to connect to the manager server and will join in when the
next video is prepared and played.

Effort has been made to make the system robust to failure and aggresive in
reconnecting. Over 4 and 1/2 days of running at Comic-Con we only had to
restart a device once or twice and the manager ran 24 hours a day.

Currently the app has a 7x3 grid hard-coded in, but it should be possible to
make the grid dynamic, or at least a compile time setting with reasonable
effort, patches welcome :)

Copyright (c) 2012, Madefire Inc.
All rights reserved.