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Linux shell script to send a (multiline) message to a matrix room hosted on a synapse server.

Usable for e.g. cronjobs, nagios notifications or ci pipelines.


This script expects data to be piped in on STDIN.

COMMAND | sendtomatrix [OPTION]


  • -u Matrix User Name
  • -p Matrix User Password
  • -a Matrix Access Token
  • -s Matrix Server FQDN
  • -r Matrix RoomID
  • -f Optional configuration file
  • -h Show help message

You can either provide an access token or username / password. If no access token is provided, this script will get one for you from the server.

But keep in mind, that every time this script runs without an access token, a new access token is created and fills up your device list. With to many devices in your device list, there is a potential getting blacklisted.

The recommended way is to provide an access token.

Getting an access token from the server

curl -s -X POST -d '{ "type":"m.login.password", "user":"$MATRIX_USER", "password":"$MATRIX_PASS" }' "https://$MATRIX_SERVER/_matrix/client/r0/login" | jq -r '.access_token'


echo "Testmessage 1" | sendtomatrix -f /etc/sendtomatrix.conf
echo "Testmessage 2" | sendtomatrix -f /etc/sendtomatrix.conf -r "\!"

Please keep an eye on the format of the RoomID!


  • Synapse server as API endpoint
  • jq on the system which runs the script
  • Before you can send a message to a room, the user sending the message already needs to have joined it

Configuration file

The configuration file can contain the following values:

# RoomID from the Channel

These values can be overriden by command line parameters.

Cron Job

It's also possible to use this script to send the output of a cronjob to a matrix room.


0 4 * * * root /usr/local/sbin/random_script | sendtomatrix -f /etc/sendtomatrix.conf
0 5 * * * OUTPUT="# $(hostname -f) - random_script" && OUTPUT="$OUTPUT\n" && echo -e "$OUTPUT" | sendtomatrix -f /etc/sendtomatrix.conf

The last example allows appending e.g. the fqdn of the server and custom text to a message.

With this approach it's possible to send the same message from different servers to the same room and still be able to keep track from which server the message originates.

Nagios / Icinga / Check_MK Integration

The sendtomatrix-wrapper-nagios script is an example notification script for nagios compatible monitoring systems.

It requires an installed and configured sendtomatrix script because it just formats and then pipes a message to it.

In check_mk it can be used as is. If you wand to use it with other monitoring cores you maybe need to adjust the variables.

Nagios Notification

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