Ubuntu based dockerized build environment for the iPXE boot firmware
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iPXE docker compile environment

These docker files will build a docker image where the iPXE boot firmwares will be compiled and downloads latest wimboot binaries.

iPXE is a pxe boot firmware. More about iPXE at http://ipxe.org.

First, it downloads the latest iPXE source code into the volume /compile, then copies custom iPXE configuration to ./{{ ipxe src }}/src/config/local/ and compiles the source code with make everything. The binaries can be found in volume ./compile/ipxe/src/bin.

An example custom iPXE configuration is provided in the ipxe.local.example folder.

At last it will download latest wimboot binaries to /compile/wimboot and extracts it.

An example docker-compose.example.yml is also provided.


This docker environment requires two volumes.

Volume Purpose
/compile Location for build.log, latest wimboot and iPXE source code
/opt/ipxe.local Custom iPXE configuration. All files will be copied to ./{{ ipxe src }}/src/config/local/

Environment Variables

Name Default Description
ENV_BUILD make -j4 everything Build command. More Information about build targets here
ENV_EMBEDD EMPTY Path to script within container which should be embedded
ENV_DEBUG EMPTY List of iPXE DEBUG objects that should be included at build time. See here for more information


Create a copy from docker-compose.example.yml to docker-compose.yml and edit the file to reflect your requirements, e.g. volume locations.

Create a folder with your custom iPXE configuration, e.g. with name ipxe.local.

Build docker image and iPXE binaries

docker-compose up -d --build

Only (re)build iPXE binaries if the docker image is already present

docker-compose up -d