@KasperSkytte KasperSkytte released this Sep 14, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

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Most important changes

  • amp_alphadiv:Added a RawReads column when rarefy is set
  • amp_heatmap: Functions dual plot now returns an object with a custom print class so that it is possible to manipulate each plot with regular ggplot2 syntax before the dual plot is printed
  • amp_heatmap: Updated functional data from midasfieldguide.org for the functions dual plot
  • amp_ordinate: Added a caption generator to show exactly what produced the ordination plot, with references for each distance measure and transformation etc
  • amp_rarecurve: Added faceting to split the plot
  • amp_rankabundance: Fixed appearance when plot is generated per sample (ungrouped)
  • Fixed axis titles in amp_timeseries + amp_boxplot + amp_core + amp_rankabundance when data has not been normalised
  • amp_ordinate: Fixed an issue where trajectory didn't show correctly without a trajectory group defined
  • amp_alphadiv: Fixed an issue where an error occured if data only has 1 sample


  • Added a trajectory example with amp_ordinate to get started guide
  • Updated phylogenetic tree in the AalborgWWTPs example data