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AEC Hackathon Copenhagen
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Team Filter Kahvia @ AEC Hackathon 2019, Copenhagen

This is a demonstration of the application of the Linked Building Data (LBD) toolset.

About the project

Team participants

Name Affiliation
Jyrki Oraskari Aalto University
Morten Graven Bilde Juul Frost
Joni Turunen Granlund
Davor Stjelja Granlund
Rasmus Christiansen Technical University of Denmark
Mads Holten Rasmussen Niras / Technical University of Denmark

Install prototype

1. Install triplestore

First step is to install a local triplestore. For example the open source Jena Fuseki (get it from here). Unzip the file in a local directory and run the server.

2. Load files

Create a dataset named 1 and load the data/geometry-topology.ttl RDF file in there (must be stored in a named graph). For example through the user interface on localhost:3030 (Fuseki).

3. Frontent

3.1 The easy way

The easy way is to just download the zip in the frontend folder and run a local server from that directory. Python has one preinstalled:

Python 2.7

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Python 3.x

python -m http.server 8000

There are also NodeJS libraries for this. For example: http-server.

3.2 For development

For development, a development server must be set up. Install the latest version of NodeJS and then install Angular CLI through npm.

Then go to the frontend/filter-kahvia directory and run the command npm install to install all the project dependencies. Run the command ng serve --open and a browser window with the application will open (use Chrome!).

All the interesting stuff is going on in the src/app directory. The services take care of communication with the triplestore and the components render the data.

Revit export

Exporting the main geometry from Revit is handled with the Revit-bot-exporter. We are looking for people who can help us making this a proper Revit app!

Dynamo connection

The dynamo definition in folder Revit-Dynamo demonstrates how new triples (objects and their relationships to other relationships) are sent to the triplestore. We are looking for people who can help us making this process more smooth!

IFC conversion

IFC files can be converted to LBD triples using the IFCtoLBD converter.

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