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The SoundSystem License:
You are free to use this library for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.
You may modify this library or source code, and distribute it any way you
like, provided the following conditions are met:
1) You may not falsely claim to be the author of this library or any
unmodified portion of it.
2) You may not copyright this library or a modified version of it and then
sue me for copyright infringement.
3) If you modify the source code, you must clearly document the changes
made before redistributing the modified source code, so other users know
it is not the original code.
4) You are not required to give me credit for this library in any derived
work, but if you do, you must also mention my website:
5) I the author will not be responsible for any damages (physical,
financial, or otherwise) caused by the use if this library or any part
of it.
6) I the author do not guarantee, warrant, or make any representations,
either expressed or implied, regarding the use of this library or any
part of it.
Author: Paul Lamb
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