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This has been quoted from DANORI but I totally agree !

Okay I just did some playing, and the jumps between difficulties are ridiculous. Me and a friend tried to play multi on nightmare, and its damn near impossible to even get a turret. He kept getting spawn killed to the point where it was frustrating/rage-inducing. I believe that you shouldnt change the monsters health from the original game, but only change the damage they do and the price of things because its so annoying that it takes ages to kill a single bat that we don't even want to play on hard/nightmare. The spawn-rates are uncontrollable. If we were to try and actually complete a game of nightmare it would literally take hours.

My recommendations to fix this:
Between different difficulties do not change enemy health between the different levels, but rather damage and cost as you have it right now. This way theres still a balance and adds more of a challenge. Rather then getting stuck between mobs because its too difficult to kill them off they will die just a quick as before, except now you die just as fast as them so if you make a mistake the monsters will punish you more harshly for it.

Heres how i would do it:
Mobs have health from original cata snatch.
Enemies do same damage as original cata snatch.
Items cost half of original prices.
Slow spawn rate. (increase time between by .5 seconds)

Mobs still have original health.
Same damage as original cata snatch.
Original prices.
Original spawning.

Mobs still have original health.
Damage double original.
Prices double original.
Slightly higher spawning (decrease time between mob spawns by .5 second)

Same mob health.
Damage triple original.
Prices same as hard. (they are a bit rediculous)
Slightly higher spawning then hard. (another .5 seconds)


I think this is relevant to #301


One suggestion would be to make the players level faster on harder difficulties, and/or to make leveling do something. As such, the amount of monsters will decrease at a faster rate, and the focus will shift slightly to specialization in perks to find what perk combination beats the enemy.

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