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Short-term roadmap #322

mkalam-alami opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Marwane Kalam-Alami TK Daniel Dunér Mark Barnes Philipp Abraham
Marwane Kalam-Alami

Cross-posting from here. Did that waiting for all official developers to join the forum (send a PM to Austin to be added to the dev group), and for @Austin01 to open read access to it for everyone

1 Decide as soon as possible

2 Before first release

  • Set up the decided branching system | OK
  • Release the current version as a beta (1.0.0 Beta)

3 First release goals (1.0.0)

  • Fix the most annoying bugs
  • Polish the game (hide unused things like leveling system, etc.)

4 What next?

  • Define a true roadmap matching the game design discussion | discussion here
  • Decide a true release cycle
  • Set up roles/specialties among the team
  • Get a test suite on tracks

I am verry new to git so i cant realy help with the first part. I can however help setting up a development cycle, and i already started to get the game design going (will have more time for that in the evening).

Daniel Dunér

I have joined the forum (as "Daniel Dunér") if someone wants to add me to the developer group

edit: sorry, wrong button: closed and reopened the issue

Daniel Dunér danielduner reopened this
Marwane Kalam-Alami

@danielduner Could you send a PM to "Austin" to make sure he adds you? Tks

Mark Barnes

The forum thread should be made open for all to read. I don't like the idea of hiding things on what should be an open project.
What is an 'official developer'?

Daniel Dunér

@Incanus-uk Indeed, it has been agreed upon to open reading access to that forum.

An official developer is just someone who @Maescool has decided to add as an official developer. If you add good stuff to the project you will probably get bumped up to the "official" status eventually.

Marwane Kalam-Alami

@Incanus-uk Yeah we'll make it open for all to read, and whatever decisions we make we'll make them public and give the opportunity for everyone to share their views.

'Official devs' are those who have been granted push rights, maybe it's a bit arbitrary, but it's easier & especially faster to decide things within a small group (currently it's very hard to take project-wise decisions and make sure they're applied). Once we'll have set up some clearly defined organization we'll probably try to open the dev forum to everyone and see how it goes.

Mark Barnes

Thanks for the replies. I agree that you need a small group that maintains the repository making clear decisions on how it should be maintained, just the term 'Official Developers' comes over a bit like a segregation is being made.
Providing everything is kept open and transparent that is cool with me.

Marwane Kalam-Alami

Crossposting a comment by @fierydrake on #301:

I think the short term plans I've seen in the developers forum are on the right lines.
What I'd personally like to see in the short term are the following two threads to be pursued in parallel:

Track 1 - Give the punters something they can use
1. Cut a release of what we have RIGHT now
2. Decide if any of the features don't make sense or are incomplete and remove them
3. Fix all known bug issues
4. Release beta, ask for lots of people to play this release and report only bugs
5. Fix bugs for a set period of time or until all the worst bugs are fixed
6. Cut final release and only add fixes to the branch

Track 2 - Keep it stable
1. Write a test framework that can do unit and/or acceptances tests
2. Populate the test bucket with regression tests based on the known issues
3. Run the test bucket regularly

I'd like to see a priority on getting something out that people can point at and say - that's stable, playable and it's got a bunch (not a ton) of nice features.

Let people continue to develop new stuff, but keep it away from this release branch.
Once we have cut the release, then we can start looking at what people have been contributing and mix it in a pot to come up with a real game design and plan for release 2.0.

I think we have an opportunity to establish the project now, and I think we should try and give people something that shows the potential of what we are doing. Some of the features we're developer are great, and we can still advertise them as being developed, but until the punters have something stable in their hands, I think we should concentrate on consolidating what we have already achieved.

Um. Yeah. Rock on!

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