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Rail bots should pick up money #706

nerdgeekdc opened this Issue Mar 3, 2012 · 10 comments


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Rail bots should have yhe feature that allows them to pick up money and deposit it into a collector. This way you could have systems of rails and turrets that give you money.


dnoegel commented Mar 3, 2012

A similar idea has been implemented by AngleDE98 in this branch: https://github.com/Maescool/Catacomb-Snatch/tree/feature/railEntities


Maescool commented Mar 4, 2012

ok, but it could make the harvesters depricate, so what about the rule you should have at least 3 harvesters before the railbots to be able to pick up money? :)
the game needs to stay a bit a challenge ;)


Austin01 commented Mar 5, 2012

Personally I dislike the idea as it does sort of make harvesters pointless. @Maescool's suggestion is good but I'm still iffy on the concept.

maybe it could be an upgrade for the rail bot but in order to get the upgrade you need X amout of harvesters depending on difficulty level you are playing at.


fierydrake commented Mar 5, 2012

I smell the start of a tech tree ^^


dnoegel commented Mar 5, 2012

In the RailEntities branch, placing a Harvester on Rails costs extra money - that would be a solution, too.

Well would it be a charge on placing the harvester or just making rail harvesters or making harvesters more expensive?


dnoegel commented Mar 5, 2012

The last time I gave RailEntities a try, a harvester just had normal costs. But when you placed it on a rail, you had to pay some additional money in order to "railify" it.

It could also be a fourth upgrade stage for harvester.


Maescool commented Apr 7, 2012

closed since harvesters can now be putted on railsdroids.

@Maescool Maescool closed this Apr 7, 2012

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