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Lighting Engine #903

Tipaa opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Add a lighting engine for special effects for things like bullets or fire, as well as making monsters spawn in darker areas more than lighter ones


With the current implementation in Java2D adding a lighting engine would slow the game down to a crawl. I believe some people are working to move the game over to Slick2D but that is not a confirmed goal for this project right now.


I have tried implementing an night engine - ~ 10 fps less on my machine . Then I have tried an partial light engine - What is better ? Per-Pixel-Light or Per-Segment-Light ? PPL would need much more processing than PSL but is smoother where PSL may be faster .

BTW : The night engine has an option for noising - it was PPL . Without the noising it took me 5 fps less . Slick2D should be a goal .


Yes! Slick2D or just OpenGL as a goal. I started on adding Slick2D as a graphics engine, but I've had to scrap the whole current graphics abstraction because it won't work with slick and it isn't a good abstraction anyway and make a new one. Because my school is heading into AP testing time I haven't had time to work on it. Hopefully I'll be free this weekend and I'll just power through it and get it done.


So gonna retry after someone has added Slick2D and fixed the options which won't save on my pc .


Going to close as Slick2D is still in the works and this may be something we can look at in the near future.

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