Added a new trap: Drop Tile #765

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You can walk over it 2 times safely. On the third time, the tile begins to fall. If you are quick enough, you can still make it across. Below is a picture with all 3 stages.

DropTrap example

There are still a few bugs with it (items placed on the tile remain hovering when the tile drops), but for now it works fairly well. Also, the images are from the forums.

Mebibyte and others added some commits Mar 4, 2012
@Mebibyte Mebibyte New Drop Trap tile.
Added a new drop trap, and prevented turrets from targeting them.
unknown Fixed Level generation to add drop tile.
Drop tile color 0000cc.
@Mebibyte Mebibyte Added DropTrap tiles to DevMap.
Color: 0000cc (rgb 0,0,204)
@Mebibyte Mebibyte Changed DropTrap color to 0000c0 (rgb 0,0,192)
However, UnbreakableRailTiles and pre-placed turrets don't work now.
@Mebibyte Mebibyte Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop e501f18
@Mebibyte Mebibyte Removed palette from DevMap and added DropTrap.
Changed the color of DropTrap back to 0000cc.
@Mebibyte Mebibyte Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop a3433ea

+1 although I am semi-biased I suppose ;)


Haha, nice work Hammy! Also, I don't know why that second commit was added.


Everything that you add to your develop branch from now on will be added to this pull request. To avoid this, create a new branch for just this feature. See:

I think this is a good idea, but that it will require some more work.
1. The fact that the holes are completely black doesn't really make sense, seeing how the big holes have stone-walls as background.
2. The tile that the character is standing on is only breaking up at the top, but the entire pillar under it remains solid. That looks a bit weird.

An implementation detail, that may solve your loot-problem: is the DropTile replaced with a HoleTile when it is completely broken?


Yes the DropTile replaces the floor tile below it with a HoleTile when it starts to fall.


The falling animation looks a bit better in game than a single picture can show. It falls from the inside out, so it makes some sense.

@EvanCahill EvanCahill Improved DropTile Graphics
Added a switch to determine if there is a solid tile above it, and render
@Maescool Maescool merged commit 6671bb6 into Maescool:develop Mar 4, 2012
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