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Here is all of @LordOfMaps code with my minor updates and merged up to HEAD.

LordofMaps and others added some commits Mar 12, 2012
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Merged with branch "develop" bb99632
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Fixed player spawn bug and cleaned up GameMode. 1cef305
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Removed the argument from the RailTile constructor. With the new layer
system it is no longer necessary to set a tile beneath the rail (there
should already be one there).

Added PlayerRailTile, this is where players build railbots now.
Almost fixed the sand tile shadows. There are still a few cases when the
shadow does not get updated.
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Restored the lib/native folder. 7a11138
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Darkness now covers the entire map, instead of avoiding the edges. e970589
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into feature/tiledMaps 39b4520
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Rail Droids now correctly deposit there treasure on player rail tiles
(so the player can actually win the game now).

Clean up GameMode and updated Vanilla and GoldRush to reflect the move
to no added map border.
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into feature/tiledMaps 9589851
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Updated the way the map tiles are stored in the Level class. The tiles
are stored in an array of linked lists. When each location on the map is
rendered the tiles in the list are rendered from first to last (bottom
to top map-layer). However only the last tile in the list is used for
other operations on the level.
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Areas of the map can now be marked as seen in the Tiled map editor. 9384804
@LordofMaps LordofMaps All of the various mobs and there spawners can now be placed using the
Tiled map editor as well as the treasure chest. Updated the base
map. Mobs not spawning.
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into feature/tiledMaps e645fe4
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Fixed BB not being handled correctly on the left and right-most edge of
the map.
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Converted "Mojam", "AsymeTrical", "BlackHole" and "CataBOMB" to tmx
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Merge branch develop into 'feature/tiledMaps' 13d6d85
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Changed the color of the base tiles to team specific colors. Team 1 is
red and Team 2 is blue.
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Converted RailRoads.bmp to RailRoads.tmx 3843e4f
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Converted the levels Siege and TheMaze to .tmx a8c165f
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into feature/tiledMaps 9192dc4
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Removed the Level Editor button from the main menu. The Tiled Map editor
should be used instead.
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Maps cannot be loaded without spawn points for each player. 00a16d5
@LordofMaps LordofMaps Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into feature/tiledMaps a51fd47
@Flet Flet Merge branch 'feature/tiledMaps' of https://github.com/LordofMaps/Cat…
…acomb-Snatch into tiled
@Flet Flet minor updates to tiled stuff to get it to build 5a27d79
@Flet Flet Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/Maescool/Catacomb-Snatch
into tiled


this should take care of #936 and #907

@Maescool Maescool merged commit f8d60ad into Maescool:develop Apr 2, 2012

Thanks for this! I was away over the weekend and couldn't work on any of the code.

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