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Mafiasource is a free text based online Mafia RPG evolved from crimeclub. Conquer states and cities in the U.S. Build an empire with your friends and family and pave your way to the wealthiest Mafia families. Will you become the best gangster?

Inspired by made open-source for all enthusiasts, enjoy a fork! Version 3 its development started in January 2016 starting from a custom MVC pattern design. The last known bug got fixed on June 26th 2021, all errors should log to all error_log files. Possible future updates and fixes will be pushed to the main branch along with our official website releases.

This project is not a professional application and shouldn't be used as such. Especially true for almost all security practices found inside this project.

Refer to /install/ for more information regarding the installation process. Made possible by © 2016 Michael Carrein inspired by © 2006

Directory above web root

Contents of the web server home directory (one directory above public_html) where sensitive statics are defined.

  • security.php = sensitive statics that can restrict non authorized developers access. (Authorize devs to public_html/)
  • error_log should log all cronjob thrown errors. Not necessarily localhost. (not included)
  • public_html/ the actual web app root directory.

Missing resources

Can be downloaded from: These include all images excluded in gitignore and 1 custom ckeditor(game) package.


Any spare crypto sent my way is greatly appreciated! ETH: 0x6508a7d92fF6eE978E82481C98E991D808283FE5 BTC: bc1qcj2fr8t6feaedzmy5fxmtnyyn2qe52n2re59nc


Public release. Reported issues are highly appreciated! Demo account Username: ms-demo Password: demo-ms




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