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MagLev Topaz Scripts


These directories contain topaz scripts that do useful stuff. They can be invoked using rake – i.e.

rake maglev:input_file[src/topaz/filename]

For example, this will load a boatload of Seaside goodness into a running MagLev image.

rake maglev:input_file[src/topaz/Seaside30/loadSeaside.topaz]

and this will fire up Seaside on localhost:8383

rake maglev:input_file[src/topaz/Seaside30/runSeaside-Swazoo.topaz]

You can trace the execution of these scripts and watch for errors using

touch $MAGLEV_HOME/log/maglev/topaz.log
tail -f $MAGLEV_HOME/log/maglev/topaz.log


Some Rake scripts modify the $GEMSTONE environment variable. You aren't allowed to do that if Rake is running in MagLev. To work around this limitation, disable the pre-installed Rake Gem

mv $MAGLEV_HOME/bin/rake $MAGLEV_HOME/bin/maglev-rake

Some scripts start processes that require /opt/gemstone/locks, which may not exist on your system. Here's one way to create it

if [ ! -e /opt/gemstone ]
    sudo mkdir -p /opt/gemstone /opt/gemstone/log /opt/gemstone/locks
    sudo chown $USER:${GROUPS[0]} /opt/gemstone /opt/gemstone/log /opt/gemstone/locks
    sudo chmod 770 /opt/gemstone /opt/gemstone/log /opt/gemstone/locks
    echo "[Warning] /opt/gemstone directory already exists"
    echo "to replace it, remove or rename it and rerun this script"

Additional information on GLASS, Seaside, MetaCello, etc.


  • Fork the project from

  • Start a feature or topic branch

  • Commit and push until you are happy with your contribution

  • Add some tests to ensure we don't break things in a future release

  • Make sure to test with the latest MagLev

  • Send a pull request