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#!/bin/bash -ex
# Based on the Jenkins script From RKH at
rm -rf sinatra
git clone --depth 1
cd sinatra
git submodule init
git submodule update --init --recursive
if [ -z "$TRAVIS" ]; then
# Our corporate firewall does not let us use git: protocol. So,
# we patch Sinatra Gemfile to use http: rather than git:. Also,
# we use perl rather than sed because Solaris sed is broken (no
# -i).
echo "Patching sinatra/Gemfile"
perl -pi -e s/git:/http:/ Gemfile
echo "source ''"|cat - Gemfile >
mv Gemfile
export rack=master
# In the Jenkins environment, $WORKSPACE will be set.
# We need to start maglev if we're under jenkins.
if [[ -n $WORKSPACE ]]; then
mkdir -p "${WORKSPACE}/reports"
maglev start
# Install gems that are required but need patches
maglev-gem install eventmachine json nokogiri multi_json yajl-ruby mongrel bcrypt-ruby
# consider adding --without-coffee-script for Allen
# maglev-ruby -S bundle install --without-coffee-script
maglev-ruby -S bundle install
maglev-ruby -S bundle update
bundle exec rake -Ilib ci:setup:testunit test
# Work around Maglev ci reporter builder bug
# cd test/reports/
# for i in *.xml; do
# cat "$i" | tail -n +2 > "${WORKSPACE}/reports/$i"
# done
if [[ -n $WORKSPACE ]]; then
maglev stop
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