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#! /bin/bash
# Copyright (C) GemStone Systems, Inc. 2010.
# Name -
# Purpose - Automatically update to a new version of GemStone
# in an existing git repository cloned from MagLev on github.
# Be both verbose and idempotent, so we can easily diagnose
# any problems.
# $Id:$
# Description:
# Updates GemStone to a version corresponsing to $MAGLEV_HOME/version.txt
# Safe to run multiple times. Only saves one prior backup repository though.
# Actions:
# Download the GemStone archive into the parent directory
# Uncompress the GemStone archive in the parent directory
# Update the gemstone link to point to the new GemStone
# Backup any existing 'maglev' repository
# Wipeout any previous 'maglev' configuration file
# Create a new default repository called 'maglev'
# Generate the MagLev HTML documentation
# Print build version information
# Remind user to setup environment variables
if [ -x bin/maglev-ruby ]; then
# echo "[Info] using $PWD as MAGLEV_HOME"
echo "[Error] $PWD is not a valid MagLev directory"
echo "To fix this, 'clone git://'"
echo "then run from the resulting directory."
exit 1
# Check that the parent directory is writable
if [ ! -w ".." ]; then
echo "[Error] This script requires write permission on the MagLev parent directory."
/bin/ls -ld ..
echo "To fix this, 'chmod u+w ..'"
exit 1
# We should run this as a normal user, not root.
if [ `id | cut -f2 -d= | cut -f1 -d\(` -eq 0 ]; then
echo "[Error] This script should be run as a normal user, not root."
exit 1
# Detect operating system
PLATFORM="`uname -sm | tr ' ' '-'`"
# Macs with Core i7 use the same software as older Macs
[ $PLATFORM = "Darwin-x86_64" ] && PLATFORM="Darwin-i386"
gsvers=`grep ^GEMSTONE version.txt | cut -f2 -d-`
# We're good to go. Let user know.
machine_name="`uname -n`"
echo "[Info] Installing $gss_name on $machine_name"
# Look for either wget or curl to download GemStone
if [ -e "`which wget 2>/dev/null`" ]; then
cmd="`which wget`"
elif [ -e "`which curl 2>/dev/null`" ]; then
cmd="`which curl` -s -O"
echo "[Error] Neither wget nor curl is available. Install one of them and rerun this script."
exit 1
# IMPORTANT: Move to the parent directory of the MagLev git repository
# Download appropriate version of GemStone
if [ ! -e $gss_file ]; then
echo "[Info] Downloading $gss_file using ${cmd}"
echo "[Info] $gss_file already exists"
echo "to replace it, remove or rename it and rerun this script"
# Uncompress the downloaded GemStone archive in the current directory
echo "[Info] Uncompressing $gss_file in $PWD"
if [ ! -e $gss_name ]; then
gunzip -c $gss_file | tar xf -
echo "[Warning] $gss_name already exists"
echo "to replace it, remove or rename it and rerun this script"
# Create a link to the GemStone directory
echo "[Info] Linking $gss_name to ${MAGLEV_HOME}/gemstone"
rm -f $MAGLEV_HOME/gemstone
ln -sf ${PWD}/$gss_name $MAGLEV_HOME/gemstone
# Finally get back to the MagLev directory
# Make sure we have a locks directory
mkdir -p locks
# and the correct updated keyfile
rm -f etc/maglev.demo.key
ln -sf maglev.demo.key-$PLATFORM etc/maglev.demo.key
# Make sure we have specs and benchmarks.
echo "[Info] updating MSpec and RubySpec submodules"
git submodule --quiet update --init
# Create a default repository called "maglev" and generate the MagLev HTML documentation
# Check for existence of required executable rake
if [ -e "`which rake 2>/dev/null`" ]; then
if [ "$(dirname `which rake`)" == "${MAGLEV_HOME}/bin" ]; then
echo "[Error] Cannot use the rake in \$MAGLEV_HOME/bin to update. Please put another Ruby's rake in your PATH."
exit 1
# Backup any existing maglev repository
if [ -e data/maglev/extent/extent0.ruby.dbf ]; then
echo "[Info] Backing up existing 'maglev' repository to backups/previous_maglev_extent.tgz"
rake maglev:take_snapshot >/dev/null
mv backups/maglev_extent.tgz backups/previous_maglev_extent.tgz
# Try update in place, might not work reliably
rake maglev:reload_everything >/dev/null
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "[Info] Upgraded exisiting 'maglev' repository in-place."
echo " Upgrade any other stones using 'rake STONENAME:take_snapshot STONENAME:reload_everything'."
echo " This will create a backup in \$MAGLEV_HOME/backups (your data is cleared during the upgrade)."
echo " In rare cases the in-place upgrade may not work correctly. If you encounter problems after this, destroy the stone an re-run this script."
exit 0
# create a clean slate
if [ -e etc/conf.d/maglev.conf ]; then
echo "[Info] In-place upgrade not possible. Removing existing 'maglev' configuration file."
rake stone:destroy[maglev] >/dev/null
rake build:clobber
echo "[Info] Building new extent0.ruby.dbf from $extent0 and creating default maglev stone"
echo "This could take a while..."
if [ -e $extent0 ]; then
# NOTE: build:maglev will also create the maglev stone
if rake build:maglev ; then
echo "[Info] Generating the MagLev HTML documentation"
rake rdoc >/dev/null 2>&1
echo "[Error] Could not build new ruby extent. This means there was an error loading the Smalltalk code."
exit 1
echo "[Error] Can't find ${extent0}: Skip building ruby extent. This means your GemStone download is broken."
exit 1
echo "[Info] Starting MagLev stone (loading kernel classes)"
if rake maglev:start ; then
echo "[Info] Successfully loaded kernel classes"
echo "[Error] Failed loading kernel classes!"
exit 1
echo "[Error] rake not found!"
echo "Skipping creation of default 'maglev' repository and HTML documentation."
echo "[Info] Finished upgrade to $gss_name on $machine_name"
echo ""
echo "[Info] MagLev version information:"
cat version.txt
echo "[Info] GemStone version information:"
cat gemstone/version.txt
# Reminder to setup environment variables
echo ""
echo "[Info] Adding these to your .bashrc will make it easier to run MagLev"
echo "export MAGLEV_HOME=${PWD}"
echo 'export PATH=$MAGLEV_HOME/bin:$PATH'
# Reminder to generate Smalltalk FFI
echo ""
echo "[Info] If you want to call GemStone Smalltalk methods from Ruby, run"
echo " rake stwrappers"
echo "after this upgrade has finished. This will generate .rb files you can use"
echo "in \$MAGLEV_HOME/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/smalltalk/"
# End of script
exit 0
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