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# We define all of these globals up front so that we can open these classes
# later without accidentally creating new ones
# Ruby class name , Gemstone class name'Array', 'Array')
# deleted Behavior'Binding', 'RubyBinding')'Boolean', 'Boolean')'Class', 'Metaclass3')'StClass', 'Class')'ConditionVariable', 'TransientSemaphore')'Data', 'RubyCextData');'Dir', 'RubyDirectory')'Env', 'RubyEnv')'FalseClass', 'FalseClass')'File', 'GsFile')
# File::Stat --> GsFileStat is done within File.rb'Fixnum', 'SmallInteger')'Float', 'Float')'Hash', 'RubyHash')'IdentityHash', 'RubyIdentityHash')'Integer', 'Integer')'Bignum', 'LargeInteger')'IO', 'IO')'IPSocket', 'IPSocket')'Kernel', 'Kernel') # for module Kernel'Signal', 'RubySignal') # for module Signal'MatchData', 'MatchData')'Method', 'RubyMeth') # RubyMeth , RubyUnboundMeth defined in .mcz'Module', 'Module') # for class Module'Mutex', 'RubyTransientMutex')'NilClass', 'UndefinedObject')'Numeric', 'Number')'Object', 'Object')'OrderPreservingHashAssociation', 'OrderPreservingHashAssociation')'Proc', 'RubyProc')'Random', 'RubyRandom')'RandomNp', 'RubyRandomNp')'Range', 'Range')'Regexp', 'Regexp')'IdentitySet', 'IdentitySet')'SmallDouble', 'SmallDouble')'BasicSocket', 'GsSocket')'Socket', 'RubySocket')'String', 'String')'Symbol', 'Symbol')'TCPServer', 'TCPServer')'TCPSocket', 'TCPSocket')'UDPSocket', 'UDPSocket')'UNIXSocket', 'UNIXSocket')'UNIXServer', 'UNIXServer')'Thread', 'GsProcess')'ThreadGroup', 'RubyThreadGroup')'Time', 'RubyTime')'TrueClass', 'TrueClass')'UnboundMethod', 'RubyUnboundMeth')'Gemstone', 'System')'RubyContext', 'RubyContext')'CZstream', 'CZstream')
# Define some of the Ruby exception classes to be identical to certain
# Smalltalk exception classes .
# see GlobalErrors.rb for additional creation of Ruby exception classes
# Ruby name Smalltalk Name
#'Exception', 'Exception')'SystemExit', 'RubySystemExit')'SystemStackError', 'AlmostOutOfStack')'NoMemoryError', 'AlmostOutOfMemory')'ScriptError', 'RubyScriptError')'LoadError', 'RubyLoadError')'NotImplementedError', 'RubyNotImplementedError')'SyntaxError', 'RubyParseError')'SignalException', 'ControlInterrupt')'StandardError', 'Error')
#IntepreterError is here in Smalltalk hierarchy'ArgumentError', 'ArgumentError')'IOError', 'IOError')'EOFError', 'EOFError')'SocketError', 'SocketError')'IndexError', 'OffsetError')'StopIteration', 'RubyStopIterationError')'LocalJumpError', 'CannotReturn')'RangeError', 'OutOfRange')'FloatDomainError', 'FloatingPointError')'RegexpError', 'RegexpError')'RuntimeError', 'RubyRuntimeError')'SecurityError', 'SecurityError')'SystemCallError', 'SystemCallError')'ThreadError', 'ThreadError')'TypeError', 'ArgumentTypeError')'NameError', 'NameError')'NoMethodError', 'MessageNotUnderstood')'TransactionError', 'TransactionError')'ZeroDivisionError', 'ZeroDivide')'LockError', 'LockError')
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# classes related to implementation of Proc, not extendable by Ruby"ExecBlock", "ExecBlock")"VariableContext", "VariableContext")"GsNMethod", "GsNMethod")
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# Continuation class for Ruby's limited callcc support"Continuation", "RubyContinuation")
# ----------------------------------------------------------
# ARGV, ARGF initialized in .mcz, in RubyContext>>__initTransient:
# Notes on various globals
# $/ is auto-initialized to "\n" by parser at first ref .
# $; is auto-initialized to nil if referenced, by RubySexpParser .
# $! translated to rescue block block-arg-ref or to the global $!
# by RubyGlobalVarNode and RubyRescueBodyNode
# $& $_ $` $' $1..$9 $~ all translated to access to
# appropriate frame-local data associated with $~
# $: , RUBY
# are currently initialized in RubyContext(C)>>initialize
alias $-0 $/
alias $-F $;
alias $-d $DEBUG
alias $-I $:
alias $-v $VERBOSE
alias $-w $VERBOSE
alias $LOAD_PATH $:
alias $< $ARGF
alias $* $ARGF
# -------------------
# RUBY_ENGINE is proposed as a way of distinguishing between JRuby, MRI,
# YARV, IronRuby, MagLev etc. While it is not official, it has support
# from other implementers, wo we include it here. It is also useful to
# distinguish scripts running in MRI, since MRI 1.8.6 doesn't define it.
RUBY_ENGINE = 'maglev'
# A quick hack to get specs further w/o build having to poke the right string in
# this slot. See ticket #76
# RUBY_PLATFORM is installed in RubyContext>>_initTransient:
RUBY_VERSION = '1.9.3'
# Note - the packager modifies the date on any line starting with RUBY_RELEASE_DATE
RUBY_RELEASE_DATE = '2013-05-17'
RUBY_DESCRIPTION = 'ruby 1.9.3 (maglev patchlevel 327)'
RUBY_COPYRIGHT = 'ruby - Copyright (C) 1993-2010 Yukihiro Matsumoto; maglev additions Copyright(C) 2009-2010 GemStone Systems Inc.'
VERSION = '1.2Alpha4'
TRUE = true
FALSE = false
NIL = nil
# associationsfor TRUE, FALSE, NIL frozen by RubyContext>>_requirePrimitives...
# do not initialize STDOUT , STDIN, STDERR , they are handled by the
# transient context state initialization
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