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MagLev is a fast, stable, Ruby implementation with integrated object persistence and distributed shared cache. MagLev is currently in public Alpha. If you are interested in persistent distributed Ruby objects, give it a try.


  1. Install MagLev with RVM:

    rvm install maglev

    (or follow the more detailed instructions).

  2. Setup your environment:

    export MAGLEV_HOME=<path_to_the_directory_containing_this_README>
    export PATH=$MAGLEV_HOME/bin:$PATH
  3. Start the MagLev server

    $ cd $MAGLEV_HOME
    $ rake maglev:start
  4. Check status of MagLev server

    $ cd $MAGLEV_HOME
    $ rake
    Status   Version    Owner    Pid   Port   Started     Type  Name
    ------- --------- --------- ----- ----- ------------ ------ ----
      OK    3.0.1     pmclain   33046 58301 Jul 19 12:31 Stone  maglev
      OK    3.0.1     pmclain   33047 58291 Jul 19 12:31 cache  maglev~d646de6d79d7b341

    If the server is not running, you'll see output like:

    $ rake
    gslist[Info]: No GemStone servers.
  5. Run some Ruby!

    $ maglev-ruby $MAGLEV_HOME/examples/hello_maglev.rb
    RUBY_VERSION:  1.8.7
    RUBY_ENGINE:   maglev
    Hello from MagLev

Then go play with the examples and read the documentation and further docs


Please see LICENSES.txt in this directory.