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GitHub Process

Here's how the MagLev team uses GitHub. Even though we are a released-based project, we still took inspiration from the GitHub team’s process.

Questions / Issues

  1. Should we have a naming scheme for branches, e.g., timfel/silly-feature, pbm/good-feature ?

  2. Seems that fixes for specific release follow the same process, except the topic branch is off of the release branch. Correct?


  • The master branch holds mainline development. It should always be in a runnable state. Only merge into master from topic branches (although you can use your good judgment and check in small stuff directly to master).

  • Do most work on topic branches; then do a pull request to merge into master. Using pull requests allows others on the team a chance to look at the changes, or simply be informed of the change.

  • Other core members should review and comment on the pull request. Once there is general agreement, the originator of the pull request can finalize and close the request (merge into master).

  • When you start a new feature, create a topic branch and push to GitHub (enables backup, collaboration and visibility of what's going on).

  • Releases are on a release branch (1.0, 1.1, 2.0 etc.); cherry-pick from master to release.

  • If your commit fixes an issue on the GitHub issue tracker, then include “fixes #nnn” in the commit message. This will allow GitHub to correlate the commit with the issue.

Basic GitHub Work-flow for Core Team

  1. git checkout -b my-cool-feature # create a branch locally

  2. <write code and tests>

  3. git add <files>

  4. git commit

  5. git push -u origin my-cool-feature # create on origin; track locally

Now you continue to work on your cool feature branch, and push to GitHub. The branch will be visible in the GitHub branches page so people will know you are working on the feature.

When you think the feature is ready, issue a pull request from GitHub:

  1. go to

  2. select your branch from the “switch branches” list

  3. Click on the “Pull Request” button and fill out the paperwork.

This is the signal that your code is ready for review. The core team can then comment, approve and originator can close the request.

After the feature is merged into master, you can delete the topic branch:

  1. git branch -d my-cool-feature # delete local branch

2: git push origin :my-cool-feature # delete off github

GitHub work-flow for non Core Team

Standard stuff…

  1. Fork MagLev

  2. Create a topic branch

  3. Work

  4. When ready, create pull request

  5. Core team will review and act appropriately.