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MagLev Server

The MagLev Server is a collection of system processes that manage the repository, MagLev's built-in database of objects. The MagLev Server needs to be running before you can run Ruby code with MagLev. Once the server is running, many individual MagLev Virtual Machines (VM) can connect to the server and share the pool of objects.

Start, Stop and Check Status of the MagLev Server

The MagLev distribution provides a Rakefile that can be used to control the MagLev Server.

Checking status of MagLev server

To check if a server is running, run rake maglev:status, or simply, rake:

$ rake status

If the server is not running, you'll see output like:

(in /congo1/users/monty/MagLev/MagLev-22152.Linux)
maglev not running

If a server is running, you'll see output like:

(in /congo1/users/monty/MagLev/MagLev-22152.Linux)
Status  Version    Owner    Pid   Port   Started     Type  Name
------ --------- --------- ----- ----- ------------ ------ ----
  OK   3.0.0     monty     26354 33413 Aug 19 11:32 Stone  maglev

Starting the MagLev Server

If the server is not running, you can start it with rake:

$ rake maglev:start

Stopping the MagLev Server

To stop the MagLev Server:

$ rake maglev:stop

Legacy $MAGLEV_HOME/bin/maglev script.

The primary means to administer MagLev is through the Rake script. There is also a legacy shell script, $MAGLEV_HOME/bin/maglev, that is shipped with the system. The shell script can be used to administer MagLev, but its use may be deprecated in the future. It's only advantage is that you do not have to cd to $MAGLEV_HOME to run maglev start, maglev stop, maglev status, etc.

maglev: Control the MagLev system

maglev {start|start-debug|start-bench|stop|restart|status|topaz|topaz-debug|

To control the MagLev server:
maglev start          - Start MagLev server processes
maglev start-debug    - Start MagLev server processes with verbose output
maglev start-bench    - Start MagLev server with performance optimizations
maglev stop           - Stop MagLev server processes
maglev restart        - Restart MagLev server processes
maglev status         - Display MagLev server status
maglev version        - Display MagLev version number
maglev force-reload   - Stop MagLev server, replace with empty repository!!!

To execute other maglev commands:
maglev topaz          - Enter a Topaz shell
maglev topaz-debug    - Enter a Topaz shell useful for debugging 
maglev squeak         - Start optional Squeak development environment
maglev vsd            - Start Visual Statistics Display monitoring tool
maglev help           - Display this text