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Merge pull request #194 from semaperepelitsa/readme_fix

Fix typo in readme (wrong update script name)
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commit 91ab6a5e42aa69a2435cda1a792a6b915a0484bb 2 parents bceff42 + 5407ea2
Peter McLain authored
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@@ -107,8 +107,8 @@ MagLev source tree and other files. Change to that directory, then:
If you've already run <tt></tt> on the machine, then you
- can use the upgrade script:
- ./
+ can use the update script:
+ ./
To use MagLev, you need to run <tt></tt> at least once. After
that, every time you <tt>git pull</tt>, you need to run <tt></tt>
@@ -121,6 +121,6 @@ The installer/updater figures that out from the version.txt file.
You'll have all the functionality of git, but unless you create a new
clone for each release, you may be unable to revert to an earlier version.
-Why? The install/upgrade script creates a new copy of the MagLev data
+Why? The install/update script creates a new copy of the MagLev data
repository including persistent kernel code. The scripts make one level of
backup, but we are not providing migration scripts.
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