New failures in Regexp Rubyspecs #279

timfel opened this Issue Mar 6, 2013 · 2 comments


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timfel commented Mar 6, 2013

The failed build is here:

I'm going to tag those first so we can get the new VM out, but @matthias-springer should look at this and decide whether it should be fixed or really is an expected failure.


timfel commented Mar 6, 2013

@matthias-springer when you look at this, also do an untagging pass over the regexp specs so we get tests for the ones we now pass.


matthias-springer commented Mar 8, 2013

spec/rubyspec/language/regexp/character_classes_spec.rb fixed with #281 and new Oniguruma library version (see HPI-GSS branch matthias/oniguruma-new).

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