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The following steps will load Seaside 30 nto MagLev and start it running on port 8383, i.e. localhost:8383 and monitor execution for any errors

In one terminal window execute

touch $MAGLEV_HOME/log/maglev/topaz.log
tail -f $MAGLEV_HOME/log/maglev/topaz.log

In a different terminal window execute

cd $MAGLEV_HOME   # or anywhere in the MagLev tree
maglev start      # unless it's already running
rake maglev:input_file[src/topaz/Seaside30/loadSeaside.topaz]
rake maglev:input_file[src/topaz/Seaside30/runSeaside-Swazoo.topaz]

Playing with Seaside in MagLev

To use the GemTools One-Click Pharo image at seaside.gemstone.com/squeak/GemTools-MagLev-Pharo-1.0.zip instead of running these snippets in Topaz, you'll need to start both MagLev and a NetLDI

maglev start
maglev startnetldi

TODO: Turn some of these Seaside snippets into Topaz scripts in this directory. Your suggestions and contributions are welcome.

The following is copied from the GemTools workspace you get when logged in to MagLev from the Pharo image mentioned above.

The default username/password for Seaside is admin/seaside.

“start FastCGI adaptor … does not return. Use #startGemServerOn: in standalone server gem”

WAFastCGIAdaptor startOn: 9001.
WAFastCGIAdaptor stop.

“start Swazoo adaptor … does not return. Use #startGemServerOn: in standalone server gem”

WAGsSwazooAdaptor startOn: 8383.
WAGsSwazooAdaptor stop.
SwazooServer initSingleton.

“Object log”

    register: WAObjectLog 
    asApplicationAt: WAObjectLog entryPointName
    user: 'admin' password: 'tool'.
ObjectLogEntry objectLog.
ObjectLogEntry emptyLog.

“Set/clear breakpoints at usual suspects for errors”

WABasicDevelopment setBreakPoints.
WABasicDevelopment clearBreakPoints.


WAEnvironment reloadApplications.           "reload Seaside applications"
WAAdmin defaultServerManager initialize.    "reset list of server adaptors"
WABasicDevelopment reapSeasideCache.        "reap expired sessions"
WADispatcher default.                       "access root dispatcher"

“Specify FastCGI for runSeasideGems30”

WAGemStoneRunSeasideGems default
    name: 'FastCGI';
    adaptorClass: WAFastCGIAdaptor;
    ports: #(9001 9002 9003).
WAGemStoneRunSeasideGems restartGems.       "execute runSeasideGems30 script"

“Specify Swazoo for runSeasideGems30”

WAGemStoneRunSeasideGems default
    name: 'Swazoo';
    adaptorClass: WAGsSwazooAdaptor;
    ports: #(8383).
WAGemStoneRunSeasideGems restartGems.       "execute runSeasideGems30 script"

“Use this handler when running production Seaside servers out of topaz vms (default)”

WAAdmin applicationExceptionHandlingDefaults 
    at: #exceptionHandler 
    put: WAGemStoneProductionErrorHandler.

“Use this handler when running Seaside server out of a GemTools vm”

WAAdmin applicationExceptionHandlingDefaults 
    at: #exceptionHandler 
    put: WAGemStoneWalkbackErrorHandler.

“Use this handler when running development Seaside servers out of topaz vms”

WAAdmin applicationExceptionHandlingDefaults 
    at: #exceptionHandler 
    put: WARemoteDebuggingWalkbackErrorHandler.