Mobile Kid's ID Kit
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Mobile Kids ID Kit

Note: This project has moved to the Humanitarian Toolbox:

The intent of the app is to help parents keep up to date information on their kids, and to provide parents with relevant information to keep their kids safe and what to do if they can’t find their child.

The majority of missing children are runaways (many of whom are trafficked), followed by parental abductions, with the high profile stranger abductions being least common. There’s another category of “lost, injured, otherwise missing” where the cause of the child being missing is unknown.

I would think that having this information would also be relevant in terms of disaster preparedness, where I’m sure there’s always a scramble for parents to find and reconnect with their kids in the chaos.

So the app has three key aspects.

  1. Allow a parent to enter and maintain information on their kids – measurements, pictures, relevant legal documents
  2. Also help the parent create and maintain a physical file of relevant information and documentation for offline use
  3. Instructions on how to collect a DNA sample from the child
  4. Allow a parent to authorize authorities (police, court workers, missing children orgs like MCM) to access the info about a missing child to help in locating/recovering the child
  5. Provide the parent with information about how to keep their kids safe and what to do if they can’t find their child