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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party (Garupa / Galpa) is a rhythm game developed between Bushimo and Craft-Egg, focusing on girl bands. The game is an entry into a multimedia project of the same name, which started with a manga in 2015. The game is currently only available in Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and English, so if you are finding it difficult to navigate the game, be sure to check out Umidah's Introductory Video to the game, as well as this handy guide by the Bandori-ENG Discord Server!

Meet the Band!

The game's goal is simple: clear songs and make high scores! Unlock more songs with music drops, obtained by clearing stories. You do this with collecting girls from 5 different bands, leveling them and training them with jewels from live shows to unlock their full potential! Score depends on a multitude of things, such as band equipment and food just to name a few. You can check out our handy item list here, composed by staff member LatidoReMe!

Become a Garup-ie!

Form teams of bands collected with stars, and save up for rare gachas of your favorite members. You can also partake in several events to collect exclusive cards, stickers, and other rewards. Be sure to take note of the band composition, attribute of your cards, and your displayed collectibles!

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