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How to add more than one image to your activity?

  1. For each image, insert the following in your activity message:
![image description][image url]
  1. Go to and click "New post".
  2. Upload your picture(s).
  3. Once your picture(s) is(are) ready, right click on it(them) and click "Copy Image Address".
  4. Replace "image description" with a short description of your image, without any special character
  5. Replace "image url" with the URL you just copied


![Bandori Party logo](

Frequent problems

  • Image not showing

    Make sure you copied the address of the image by right clicking on it and clicking "Copy Image Address". If you use the "Copy" button from imgur or the image address from the URL bar, it will not work.

  • Can't find "Copy Image Address" when I right click on an animated gif

    1. Click the copy button next to its link, and paste that as the address in your markdown.
    2. Paste it in your activity, as explained above.
    3. Modify the pasted link to add i. before imgur and .gif at the end. Example: becomes
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