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Graphic Designers & Community Artists

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Artists wanted

Anyone can submit an artwork anytime, all levels accepted. There's no competition: if you submit something that follows the requirements and is suitable for a young audience, we will use it.

Submit a chibi character


We need chibi drawings of all the idols in LLSIF for this page.

Those drawings also appear on the map, the profiles, the contests rankings and the credits page.

We will not use your drawing for any other purpose without asking you first, and you're free to refuse.


  • You need a School Idol Tomodachi profile, and that's how you'll be credited. If you want to share your Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr or anything else, add those links in your profile.
  • It has to be a digital drawing. We can make some exceptions and vectorize a paper drawing if you use a dark marker for the contours and bright colors.
  • We recommend you to try to imitate the official chibi style in the game, but you don't have to. Just make sure your drawing is "chibi enough" to look pretty if we resize it to 40x40 pixels.
  • Minimum width/height: 300 pixels. But the higher the quality the better!
  • Don't put a watermark on the chibi drawings
  • It's much easier and faster for us if you send us your drawing in PNG with a transparent background, but we'll make it transparent ourselves if you can't
  • Uniform versions of the idols are preferred.


  • Once you're done drawing the chibi character, Contact us to send us the picture and your School Idol Tomodachi username (to credit you).
  • You can send multiple drawings if you want, there's no limit.

List of idols that need a chibi drawing

Note: You can submit a chibi drawing of any character, even if someone else already submitted a drawing.

Submit a Special Contest banner

We need banners to illustrate our Special Contests and Birthday Giveaways. You can see the list of all the banners here, but you're free to express your creativity~

⚠️ Requirements ⚠️

  • Can be a graphic editing or a fan-art drawing

  • Minimum width 900px, minimum height 600px. But the higher the quality the better!

  • For Special Contests:

    • Main text: Question in banner assignment doc
    • It must be the exact same question (copy-paste it, don't re-write it)
    • "School Idol Tomodachi Special Contest" must also be written somewhere
  • For Birthday Giveaways:

    • Main text: "Happy Birthday {name of the idol}!" (Example: "Happy Birthday Eli!")
    • The birthday date must also be written somewhere (Example: "01.06" or "January 6th")
    • "School Idol Tomodachi Giveaway" must also be written somewhere
  • The main text must be vertically exactly in the middle of the picture (only that part is visible on the homepage).

  • If the main text doesn't look very nice in the middle of the image, you can submit two banners:

    • Main banner: ~900x600 (example)
    • Homepage banner: ~1700x500 (example)
  • Don't use fan-arts you don't own! Use official artworks or your own

  • You may write your name on the banner if you want to, as long as it doesn't take more than 5% of the banner

  • Need inspiration? Check out the previous contest banners and previous birthday giveaways.

  • Though we used to do it in the past, don't write the dates of the contest/giveaway on the banner, as they might change and it would be annoying to edit the picture.

  • We give you a 30 days limit to submit the banner, but it's better if you send it as early as possible :)


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